Carousels & Buttons: New in Tangowork Chatbot Acceleratorv3

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What’s new


Image carousels. As demonstrated in the above video, you can now display your messages in horizontal scrollable carousel cards.

Buttons. Buttons are now optional throughout the Tangowork Chatbot Accelerator (see above video). Display lists of options as buttons; click a button to view the next page of options; or click a “Next” button to page through messages, one after another.

Images in messages. Images in messages are now sent as images instead of links, as demonstrated in the above video.

Messenger enhancements. You can now make a button- and menu-driven chatbot, with no text input at all. This greatly speeds development and launch, as it eliminates unexpected or ambiguous user input. (This is a new Messenger-only feature.)

Support for typed-out numbers. When you’re entering a number to pick from a list of options, now you can enter “one” instead of 1, “two” instead of 2, and so on. This is especially useful when speaking (rather than typing) to the chatbot, as voice transcribers often write out small numbers in long form.

Web management console

Speed enhancements for 1000+ people. We’ve adjusted the way we render massive datatables so they’re nice and quick, even if you have thousands of records.

What’s fixed

Web management console

Jumping cursor. When editing long messages, the cursor would suddenly and inexplicably jump to the end of the message. We stopped the jumping.

Blank screen on logon. Some users saw a blank screen after logging on. Reloading fixed it, but now it just works — no reloading necessary.

Coming soon

  • Import images from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox
  • Search web for royalty-free images and import
  • Automatically crop and resize images
  • Use image carousels in Broadcasts
  • Use buttons in Broadcasts

Release history

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