How to Buy an Employee Chatbot in 10 Simple Steps

For many project teams, chatbots are a new and unfamiliar medium. If you want to implement a chatbot, where do you start?

This brief, actionable ebook guides you through the 10 key steps for purchasing a chatbot platform. The fillable PDF format lets you jot down notes as you complete each step.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How to establish, prioritize and agree on your objectives in a half-day workshop
  • The Who/What/Why format for clearly communicating user stories
  • Why to ask for a sales demo before doing a free trial
  • How to run a stakeholder demo once you’ve picked a solution
  • The one question you must ask when checking vendor references

Download Step 2, “Determine Business Objectives“, right now. Or fill out the form to get the complete eBook.

Free download. 40 pages, 581kB PDF file

Chatbot buyers guide

Thanks! I hope this guide will help you make a wise purchase.

Employee Chatbot Buyers Workbook (PDF file, 581kB)

Download the Employee Chatbot Buyers Workbook

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