Enhanced Management Console: Tangowork v5

Jun 7, 2017

What’s new: Web management console

Usability improvements to management console. Extensive improvements were made to the management console. These include:

  • Performance was improved on all tables for near-instant rendering of 1000+ records.
  • Click anywhere on a row to edit
  • Search expanded to all tables, all columns
  • Search terms are now highlighted in the results
  • Ambient indicators show expired and future messages at a glance
  • Navigation drawer now adjusts automatically according to screen width
  • Visibility of every column on every table can now be toggled on or off
  • System timezone now displayed in Add/Edit Message

Management console enhancements include search highlighting.

Import photos from Flickr or Web Cam. Now you can import photos directly from your Flickr account, or take live photos using your web cam (Chrome only). This is in addition to existing integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many others.

Import multiple photos at once. Instead of one at a time, now you can import multiple photos at once into the Tangowork image gallery.

Upload photos straight from your webcam.

What’s new: Chatbot

Tap action for cards. On channels that support it, now you can tap a card image to load the card. It’s a small usability improvement.

Bug fixes

Buttons and cards in Skype. Skype was rendering lists of buttons or cards as regular numbered lists. Now the buttons and cards are coming through the way we want them to.

Images and cards in broadcasts. Images and Cards weren’t sending in Broadcasts. Now they are.

Release history

  • Version 13: Features for when the chatbot doesn't know
  • Version 12: Chatbots for Sharepoint, easier content management
  • Version 11: Messages with multiple intents
  • Version 10: Skype for Business improvements
  • Version 9: Transcripts, Subscribe, Test Broadcasts
  • Version 8: Better date support, broadcasts for public bots
  • Version 7: New search technology
  • Version 6: Intent management & embedded web chat
  • Version 5: Enhanced management console
  • Version 4: Skype for Business, image management
  • Version 3: Carousels & buttons
  • Version 2: More preferences
  • Version 1: Content management, broadcasts and language processing

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