Intent Management & Embedded Web Chat: Tangowork Chatbot Accelerator v6

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Two key changes in version 6 of the Tangowork Chatbot Accelerator help you build and iterate on your bot faster than ever before.

First is intent management: now you can add and adjust your intents within the web management console. For example, in seconds you can switch message lists from Numbered List to Buttons to Cards, or you can change message sorting from Newest to Oldest to Random to Alphabetical.

Hand-in-hand with intent management is integrated web chat: in a single browser window, now you can make adjustments, and then try those adjustments in web chat to see the results.

What’s new: Web management console

Intent management. Intents can now be added, edited and removed within the management console (see above video). All aspects of intents can be managed, including:
  • Matching and sorting—word matching, regular expressions, entities
  • Message formatting—how to output and combine title, body and image
  • Display of lists—buttons, carousels, numbered lists

Intents can be fully managed within the web management console.

Integrated web chat. A new web chat window lets you instantly try your changes from within the web management console.

Try your changes instantly using the embedded web chat.

Addresses table. See a sortable, filterable list of all users who have connected to the chatbot, whether or not they’ve authenticated.

See addresses and channel information for people who have interacted with your chatbot.

What’s new: Chatbot

Text extracts on cards. Cards can now display a text extract of the message.

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