Messages with multiple intents: Tangowork v11

Oct 27, 2017

Tangowork v11 makes it easy to re-use the same message again and again for different intents. But why would you want to do that? Let’s explore a few scenarios.

Scenario 1: “What’s the schedule” vs. “What’s next?”

At the IntranetNow conference, users needed to ask the chatbot “What’s the schedule?” and “What’s next?” Those 2 utterances, while similar, map to 2 different intents:

Sample utteranceIntentTimespanQuantity
“What’s the schedule?”ScheduleOldest to newestAll sessions
“What’s next?”Schedule NextNow to near futureNext 3 sessions

The bot responded with the same content, but sorted differently. The first showed the entire schedule, oldest to newest, and the second showed the next 3 sessions starting from the current time.

Instead of duplicating agenda items, in Tangowork v11 we simply add 2 intents to each session:


The message appears twice in Content view, once under each intent. Edit either and the other changes:

Scenario 2: General vs. specific inquiry

One of our clients is relocating their corporate headquarters, and their chatbot answers questions about the move. Here’s a simplified sample conversation:

user: tell me about the new HQ

bot: Tell me what you’d like to know! Pick from this list:
1. Address
2. Cafeteria
3. Gym

user: 1

bot: Our new HQ is at 123 Main Street.

In the above conversation, the user’s first query is fairly general, and Tangowork identifies the intent “About New HQ”. It finds 3 messages that match that intent. When the user enters (1), they get the address of the new building.

Now look at this conversation:

user: what’s the address of the new building?

bot: Our new HQ is at 123 Main Street.

In this second conversation, the user’s intent is more specific: “Address for X”. But the answer is the same as pressing (1) in the first conversation. In Tangowork v11, there’s no need to enter the content twice: you just assign 2 intents to one message:

There are many scenarios where the same answer works for 2 or more intents. It’s fast and easy to manage the content for those scenarios in Tangowork v11.

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