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The Tangowork Chatbot Accelerator v11 makes it easy to re-use the same message again and again for different intents. But why would you want to do that? Let’s explore a few scenarios.

Scenario 1: “What’s the schedule” vs. “What’s next?”

At the IntranetNow conference, users needed to ask the chatbot “What’s the schedule?” and “What’s next?” Those 2 utterances, while similar, map to 2 different intents:

Sample utteranceIntentTimespanQuantity
“What’s the schedule?”ScheduleOldest to newestAll sessions
“What’s next?”Schedule NextNow to near futureNext 3 sessions

The bot responded with the same content, but sorted differently. The first showed the entire schedule, oldest to newest, and the second showed the next 3 sessions starting from the current time.

Instead of duplicating agenda items, in Tangowork Chatbot Accelerator v11 we simply add 2 intents to each session:


The message appears twice in Content view, once under each intent. Edit either and the other changes:

Scenario 2: General vs. specific inquiry

One of our clients is relocating their corporate headquarters, and their chatbot answers questions about the move. Here’s a simplified sample conversation:

user: tell me about the new HQ

bot: Tell me what you’d like to know! Pick from this list:
1. Address
2. Cafeteria
3. Gym

user: 1

bot: Our new HQ is at 123 Main Street.

In the above conversation, the user’s first query is fairly general, and the Tangowork Chatbot Accelerator identifies the intent “About New HQ”. It finds 3 messages that match that intent. When the user enters (1), they get the address of the new building.

Now look at this conversation:

user: what’s the address of the new building?

bot: Our new HQ is at 123 Main Street.

In this second conversation, the user’s intent is more specific: “Address for X”. But the answer is the same as pressing (1) in the first conversation. In v11, there’s no need to enter the content twice: you just assign 2 intents to one message:

There are many scenarios where the same answer works for 2 or more intents. It’s fast and easy to manage the content for those scenarios in Tangowork Chatbot Accelerator v11.

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