Download: Project Plan for an Enterprise Chatbot (2021)

by Chris McGrath | Jun 1, 2021

Updated for 2021! In this download, Tangowork Consultants share their detailed project plan for deploying an enterprise chatbot. This is a tried-and-true plan that we use as the starting point for all our chatbot consulting engagements. Includes:

  • 5 key project phases for deploying an enterprise chatbot
  • 32 detailed steps including Task, Goal, Deliverable and Notes
  • Excel format; ready for you to modify

Free download. 2 pages, 89kB Excel file

Page 1 of chatbot project plan

Thanks! I hope this project plan helps you deliver an excellent chatbot.

Chatbot Project Plan by Tangowork (Excel file, 89 KB)

Download our project plan for enterprise chatbots!

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