New search technology: Tangowork v7

Aug 30, 2017

Tangowork v7 adds powerful new search features that help you provide the right response to user input even when you’re dealing with incomplete, unexpected or misspelled information.

Typos & Word Stems

If you’re looking for “Brian” and you type “Bryan”, you’ll still get a match. Our new search engine gives misspellings a slight penalty, but it’s quite tolerant of errors. Similarly, a search for “chatbots” will also match on the stem “chatbot”.

Multiple values per entity

When you configure your chatbot, you might use the entity “Speaker Name” for a message about a conference session, or the entity “Store number” for a message about delivery schedules. But what if a conference session has 2 or 3 speakers sharing the stage, or what if a delivery schedule applies to several stores? Now you can choose to add multiple values to an entity.

Full-text search

If you don’t include important keywords in your entities, that’s okay — Tangowork can now do a full-text search of messages. For example, an utterance such as, “Are there any conference sessions about chatbots?” will find any mention of chatbots within the description of a conference session.

Finding the best result

Tangowork v7 adds new flexibility for matching entities that help you get the best result.

Let’s say your building has multiple wifi networks, and you want to help chatbot users find the right one. When Tangowork analyzes the utterance “show me 5G wifi networks on floor 3”, it extracts:

  • intent = showWifi
  • entity wifiType = 5G
  • entity wifiLocation = floor 3

The new default behavior in Tangowork v7 is to evaluate entities using an “EXPAND” query. This means it will first try to match 5G and floor 3, but if it can’t, it will expand the query to search on 5G or floor 3.

You can still use the entity comparison method “ALL”, which means you will only accept a perfect match. If there are no 5G networks on floor 3, you’ll get a “Sorry, I couldn’t find anything for that.” Finally, if you use the entity comparison method “ANY”, you’re telling Tangowork to find any wifi network that is 5G or is on floor 3.

“EXPAND” is often the best of both worlds, so that’s why it’s the new default in Tangowork v7.

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