My 12-year-old reviews Duolingo’s new chatbot

by Oct 7, 2016Uncategorized0 comments

Yesterday Duolingo added a powerful new chatbot to their iOS app. My 12-year old son, Sam, has been using Duolingo for the past month, so I asked him to try the new chatbot out on video.

The first-time user experience is excellent. The chat interface is instantly familiar, so Sam had no problem understanding what he should do.

The inline help prompts and the auto-complete keep the conversation flowing even if the level of dialog is too advanced for him. The gamification helps Sam feel like he’s “winning”.

The most notable negative is that the chatbot is not delivered via messaging app. You have to download and install the iOS app. That’s a tradeoff Duolingo made with their eyes wide open: the functionality of this chatbot can’t be replicated in Facebook Messenger or any other messaging app (at least not yet).

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