Chatbots for HR, Intranets, Internal Communications

Help employees instantly, automatically, and 24×7, all from within Skype, Slack, Teams and more.

Chatbots for HR, Intranets, Internal Communications

Help employees instantly, automatically, and 24×7, all from within Skype, Slack, Teams and more.

Chatbots for all your HR & Communications needs


HR Chatbots

Provide automatic, instant answers to employee questions.

Intranet Chatbots

Make your intranet available in Skype, Slack, Teams and more.

eLearning Chatbots

Deliver just-in-time micro-lessons to 

Broadcasting Chatbots

Reach employees where they can’t be missed: in their messaging apps.

Features for employees

See management features

Get instant answers to questions

Instead of logging onto SharePoint or combing through intranet pages, employees just type a quick question in their messaging app. Tangowork chatbots work 24×7 and they answer instantly. Read the Bupa case study

Chat in SharePoint, Slack, SMS, more

Leverage your employees’ messaging apps. Do you have Office 365? Tangowork supports Skype for Business, SharePoint and Teams. Slack or Workplace by Facebook? We support them too

Receive proactive news and alerts

Employees can receive important news and alerts where it can’t be missed: in their messaging apps. Broadcasts can be instant or scheduled in advance

Features for HR & Comms managers

See employee features

Add chatbot conversations in seconds

In a single step, tell Tangowork what your employee will say and how the chatbot should respond. Fine-tune the interaction with over 50 options

Save time with machine learning

Add a few samples of how an employee will ask a question. Then let Tangowork’s machine learning figure out the rest

Improve conversations with Transcripts

Read transcripts from employee/chatbot conversations. Quickly correct misunderstood input. Collaborate with other administrators via Notes

Integrate with other systems

Retrieve or synchronize content from your intranet or other sources. Execute custom code in response to user input. Tangowork is built ground-up as a JSON-serving API

Measure performance with chat analytics

Monitor traffic, retention, and channel usage. See where conversations succeed and where they fail

Your own branded bot

Your organization gets its own bot on the major platforms, with its own personality and branding

Setup and launch services

Our bot design and implementation methodology was born from decades of experience with enterprise portals and intranets

How Tangowork chatbots work

People send a message to Tangowork

via Facebook, Skype, SMS, web chat, etc. Watch video (0:42)

Tangowork answers them

and saves their address for later use. Watch video (0:25)

You add news & content

via the Tangowork web console, or synced with another system. Watch video (1:30)

You send broadcasts

instantly or scheduled. Watch video (1:01)

Tangowork responds to people's questions

using natural language processing. Watch video (0:39)

Common uses


Reach employees who don't have email

Ideal for healthcare, hospitality, industrial, logistics, retail


Send alerts instantly

Notify all staff of emergencies, recalls, weather events


Share news instantly

Get your news read. 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes


Send daily reports or status

Send system health, key metrics, operating hours


Make intranet content available on mobile

Access key documents on mobile, no logon or app required


Provide automatic responses to common queries

Tangowork understands normal language, like “Show me schedule for tomorrow”

Contact us or request a demo

See how a Tangowork chatbot can help save you time and delight your employees.

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Tangowork: Chatbots for Internal Communications

Tangowork is chatbots for HR, intranets, and internal communications. Help employees instantly, automatically, and 24x7, all from within Skype, Slack, Teams and more.