Consultants for digital transformation

We use research, design and technology to create better digital experiences.

Sea to Sky Highway, Squamish, BC, Canada


We build exceptional websites to the highest standards of security, accessibility and usability

AI consulting

We use large language models and retrieval augmented generation to do things never thought possible


We're intranet specialists: over 175 intranets launched since 1997. SharePoint and ThoughtFarmer

Application development

We build modern cloud-based web applications, from user research and UI design through to development and launch

Data collection & analytics

Gather data from surveys and forms and instantly generate reports, KPI dashboards or documents

Legal applications and automation

We build software that automates legal documents and processes, using AI, Docassemble and custom code.

Recent work

We built Beagle+, a legal AI chatbot for BC. It's scary good.

We combined proprietary data with OpenAI language models to create an AI chatbot that answers questions about the law in BC.

Overview photo of Vancouver, BC

Tangowork redevelops BC Unclaimed’s brand and website

9-month project included rebranding, design and UX writing, user testing and website development.

RSL launches new intranet powered by Teams, Viva and SharePoint

Tangowork helps RSL leverage their Microsoft 365 investment with intranet that promotes communication and collaboration

Real-time data dashboard answers the biggest question for People’s Law School

Tangowork worked with the lawyers at People’s Law School to answer the question: are we making a difference?

Write my rights home page

Consumers create demand letters with Write My Rights

Tangowork worked with the lawyers at Write My Rights to build a software product that generates demand letters for consumers.

Enhanced Google Sheets integration for Docassemble

When our client needed robust data collection and reporting, we wrote a custom Python module for enhanced Google Sheets integration