Consultants for digital transformation

We use research, design and technology to create better digital experiences.

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Services for high-performance websites


We design gorgeous, modern websites that work perfectly on every device.

Content authoring

Repositioning, rewriting, content migration—we’ll make your content work for you.


We code bulletproof websites with near-instant load times. We use JAMstack technology and decoupled content management.

Website case studies and resources

How you can grow your website traffic 51%—overnight—by radically increasing speed

We rebuilt a public legal information website, Dial-A-Law, with one focus: increasing performance.

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Merging? Retain employees by over-communicating

In a merger, there’s no such thing as too much communication, and intranets play a vital role.

Performance data from credit union websites in British Columbia, Canada.

Integris tops list of fastest credit union websites in B.C.

An analysis by Tangowork revealed that Integris has the fastest credit union website in BC — faster than all the big banks, too.

Services for intranets and digital workplaces

Technology selection

We help you prioritize your business objectives, then evaluate vendors against criteria that matters.

Intranet design

Functional design, interface design and visual design. Services include journey mapping, information architecture and prototyping.

Configuration and launch

Our fast, efficient process starts with prioritized business objectives and rapidly moves through navigation structure, page layout, branding, training and launch.

Intranet case studies and resources

Coast Mental Health clubhouse musicians

Intranet Case Study: Coast Mental Health

Tangowork helped Coast plan, select, configure and launch a new intranet for 700 staff.

Running an intranet workshop: sharing the agenda (or “Hero’s Journey”)

The Hero’s Journey is a great way to share the agenda for your intranet workshop.

Running an Intranet Workshop: How to Warm Up the Room

Try Hopes and Fears or Trading Cards to get creative juices flowing.

Services for chatbots and AI assistants

User research

Interviews, workshops and journey mapping to understand user’s needs

Information design

Analysis and repackaging of content into bite-size chunks

Conversation authoring

Design of conversation flows: text-only, button-based and multimedia

Custom development

Multi-channel chatbots based on Rasa or the Microsoft Bot Framework

Chatbot case studies and resources

Why we dropped the Microsoft Bot Framework and became Rasa consultants

We switched to the Rasa platform so that our chatbots can run privately, on any infrastructure, and to gain contextual understanding

Use chatbots for employee eLearning

Chatbots are ideal for eLearning. Use them to nudge, train, and educate your workforce.

How we used Contentful to build a chatbot that helps with everyday legal problems

We used Contentful and Rasa to build a chatbot that helps people get information to solve common legal problems.

Tangowork’s consultants use research, design and technology to help your organization create better digital experiences. We specialize in intranets, AI assistants and high-performance websites.