After 20 years working with enterprise intranets, I had an epiphany.

My client had 10,000 frontline workers — no emails, no computers. How would they access the intranet? How would they receive urgent messages? My inside voice said, “They won’t.” But then I saw those same frontline workers on their smartphones, messaging their friends. And that’s when the idea for Tangowork was born: I realized the best way to reach employees — today, in 2017 — is via their messaging apps.

Our small development team got to work, and now we’re proud to present Tangowork, the first and only chatbot dedicated to the needs of internal communications professionals.

And although we’re new, we have deep experience — I also co-founded ThoughtFarmer, a world-class intranet product used by over 200 companies around the world.

So join us as we make Tangowork your most trusted way to get a message to employees!

Our Team

Chris McGrath

Chris McGrath


Chris McGrath is a veteran digital workplace consultant with extensive experience designing delightful enterprise software — like Tangowork, which he founded, and ThoughtFarmer, which he co-founded. Chris is also an avid kitesurfer and espresso aficionado.

Stephen McGrath

Stephen McGrath

Senior Systems Architect

From stability and standards in telecom, to scale in affiliate advertising, to just-about-anything in small startups, Stephen has over 15 years experience developing, architecting, and managing complex, mission-critical systems. Stephen wouldn’t (or probably would) be caught dead in a watersport like kitesurfing and prefers cappuccinos on the dry side.

Aliaksei Shytkin

Aliaksei Shytkin


Aliaksei is a crack node.js coder that is obsessive about unit tests. He’s responsible for the core bot logic in Tangowork.

Contact us

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Tel +1-604-425-0482
Tangowork: Chatbots for Internal Communications

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