Tangowork is a boutique Canadian digital consulting firm.

Dallas Road, Victoria, BC, Canada

We’re a small team of craftsmen dedicated to designing delightful digital experiences. Our user-centered, empathetic approach guarantees a technical solution that will solve genuine problems for you and your customers or employees.

We’re focused on 3 areas: high-performance websites, AI applications, and intranets. You can engage Tangowork for research and strategy only, or for information design, content transformation and technical development too.

Our deep enterprise experience is rooted in websites and intranets. Before Tangowork, our founder co-founded ThoughtFarmer, a world-class intranet product used by hundreds of companies around the world.

Is it time to redevelop your website? Modernize your intranet? Or introduce AI capabilities to your web applications? Let’s have a conversation.

Our team

Chris McGrath

Consultant, founder

Chris McGrath is a veteran digital consultant with 28 years experience designing delightful web experiences. He co-founded ThoughtFarmer, an intranet platform used by hundreds of organizations globally. Chris is an avid kitesurfer and espresso aficionado.

Aliaksei Shytkin

Senior developer

Aliaksei handles complex software development challenges for Tangowork. He specializes in JavaScript-based technologies, including React, Node.js and NextJS. He loves elegant solutions to complex programming challenges and always thinks it’s a good time to write another unit test.

Andrew McMaster


Andrew handles a range of technical challenges for Tangowork, including web and chatbot development, SEO and web analytics, and content transformation. He loves computers and solving problems. When not at work, he enjoys learning new skills, cooking, and a good cup of coffee.

Gregg Coppen

Senior drupal developer

Gregg is a front end developer and Drupal expert with over 20 years experience taking projects from concept through completion. He has designed, built and maintained large community sites and products and is always exploring new open source tools and technologies. When not working on the web he is likely either laser engraving maps and artwork into wood or out snowboarding and biking.

Jakob Fipke

Software developer

Jakob is a full-stack developer unafraid to tackle any software challenge. He has experience developing enterprise web applications and specializes in relational database design, GraphQL, and React. Outside of work, he enjoys playing the piano and guitar, building DIY projects, and playing board games.

Kerry Michel

Writer and content expert

Kerry Michel is Tangowork’s content editor and writer. She authors white papers, blog posts, user documentation and chatbot conversations, supporting Tangowork’s efforts to bring delightful digital experiences to organizations around the world. As an enthusiastic gardener, Kerry loves the sight of a new seedling and the taste of home-grown veggies.

Nick Sitarz

Consulting engineer

Nick designs and implements complex, mission-critical systems for Tangowork. Whenever there’s a technical issue that leaves others stumped, Nick’s our problem solver.