Chatbot Webinar Series

Our webinar series is over, but we recorded each one so you can watch at your leisure. Each webinar features real chatbots in action and “lessons learned” to help make your chatbot project a success.

Chatbots for Intranets

Jul 11, 2018

Learn when a chatbot is better than an intranet — and when it’s not.

Chatbots for Events

Aug 8, 2018

Learn how to build an event chatbot and connect with attendees on their phones.

Chatbots for HR

Sept 12, 2018

Learn how an HR chatbot can provide automatic, instant answers to HR questions.

Tangowork Chatbot Consulting

Tangowork’s consultants use research, design and technology to help your organization create better digital experiences. We specialize in intranets, AI assistants and high-performance websites.