BCUPS to BC Unclaimed: Rebranding the BC Unclaimed Property Society


“British Columbia Unclaimed Property Society” is a mouthful. But calling it “The Society” was vague, and the acronym “BCUPS” sounds like a delivery company or a bra size, depending on how you say it.

Our approach

  • Listening labs

  • Peer research

  • Intercept studies

  • Brainstorming


BC Unclaimed is the new brand name adopted by the British Columbia Unclaimed Property Society

After extensive research, we recommended “BC Unclaimed”. 

It’s short.

It follows a pattern established by many other organizations in BC (“BC Assessment”, “BC Ferries”, “BC Hydro”, etc.).

And it de-emphasizes the word “Property”, which most people associate with physical land assets. (BC Unclaimed deals only with money, not real estate or other physical property.)

Sherry MacLennan headshot

“The new name was greeted with enthusiasm by our staff and board — and aligns with how many of the people we’ve returned money to refer to us!”

Sherry MacLennan

Executive Director, BC Unclaimed

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