Tracking website success with surveys and dashboards


BC Unclaimed has access to troves of data. But how could they turn that data into actionable insights?

Our approach

  • Measurement and analytics workshop

  • Data dashboard design

  • Real-time survey


Tangowork conducted a workshop with BC Unclaimed. Using Google’s HEART framework, we identified the most important website metrics to track.

Things like user adoption, engagement and retention could be measured using Google Analytics, with some custom code to track certain events. But the ultimate measurement of website success is whether users are happy.

A simple inline survey on key pages measures user satisfaction. 90% of users answer YES, they found what they were looking for.

To measure user happiness, we implemented an inline survey at the bottom of key pages on BC Unclaimed. The survey asks, at random:

  • Was this helpful?

  • Did you find what you were looking for?

  • How likely are you to recommend BC Unclaimed to a friend or relative?

After immediately capturing the user’s response, it presents an optional open-ended question that invites users to elaborate. All this data is aggregated to Looker Studio, where we’ve been thrilled to see the results:

  • 95% YES — the website was helpful

  • 90% YES — they found what they were looking for

  • Overall Net Promoter Score (NPS)* of 63.

*NPS is a way to measure whether people are promotors of your brand. 0 means people are neutral. -100 means everyone talks bad about it. +100 means everyone promotes it. For comparison, Apple’s NPS is 47, Walmart’s is -4, Amazon’s is 7.

Tangowork developed a data dashboard for BC Unclaimed. Built in Looker Studio, it integrates data sources including Google Analytics and our custom inline survey.

Open-ended feedback has been equally gratifying: users love BC Unclaimed’s new website!

  • “Your system is fast and very easy to use”

  • “Very clear concise directions”

  • “The process is very user friendly.”

  • “That was quick and painless. Thank you!”

  • “Great service, great website. Thanks!”

Tangowork's project for BC Unclaimed demonstrates the value of a well-executed digital transformation. The rebranded, rewritten, high-performing website strengthen’s BC Unclaimed's credibility and provides an excellent user experience.

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