Webinar: Why Chatbots Will Transform Mobile Intranets

Your Host: Chris McGrath

Your Host: Chris McGrath

Founder, Tangowork

Chris McGrath is the founder of Tangowork and has over 20 years experience developing and deploying enterprise solutions for communicators. He also co-founded ThoughtFarmer, the social intranet software company.

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The live webinar was March 22, 2017

What are chatbots? What is conversational UI? Why are experts calling chatbots “the next big thing for internal communications”? Through live demos and examples, learn how you can use chatbots to deploy a mobile intranet that is far more effective than ever before.

This is a 30-minute live repeat of a session Chris McGrath delivered on March 2 to an international audience of 100 intranet experts at the annual IntraTeam Event in Copenhagen, Denmark. Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • See demos of 5 different chatbots
  • Understand the 6 core use cases for chatbots
  • Learn 9 reasons why chatbots will power the next generation of mobile intranets
  • Discover how advances in Artificial Intelligence have made modern chatbots possible
  • Find out why the speech-bubble interface is a chatbot’s greatest advantage
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