Webinar: How to Create a CNN-style News Chatbot for Your Organization

Your Host: Chris McGrath

Your Host: Chris McGrath

Founder, Tangowork

Chris McGrath is the founder of Tangowork and has over 20 years experience developing and deploying enterprise solutions for communicators. He also co-founded ThoughtFarmer, the social intranet software company.

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The live webinar was June 1, 2017

Every organization has news & alerts to share, internally & externally. CNN’s news bot is a good example of what you could build for your organization. Where do you start? What are the pieces involved?

This webinar offers an in-depth explanation and demonstration of the steps involved. You’ll learn about:

  1. Setting up a bot using the Microsoft Bot Framework
  2. Managing content
  3. Using natural language processing
  4. Button- and menu-driven bots
  5. Sending proactive messages
  6. Optimizing content for chatbots
  7. Adding employee authorization

This webinar is geared towards project managers and product managers — people who like the technology, but aren’t necessarily programmers. Join us on Thursday, June 1!