Webinar: How to Design a Chatbot For Your Organization

Your Host: Chris McGrath

Your Host: Chris McGrath

Founder, Tangowork

Chris McGrath is the founder of Tangowork and has over 20 years experience developing and deploying enterprise solutions for communicators. He also co-founded ThoughtFarmer, the social intranet software company.

Wednesday, November 30

8:00am Pacific / 11:00am Eastern / 1600 BST

This 1-hour webinar isn’t about building a chatbot. It’s about designing a chatbot:

  • Determining business objectives
  • Creating user stories
  • Managing resources
  • Writing conversations
  • Prototyping interactions

Chatbots are new, but complex enterprise software projects are not. Drawing on 20 years experience deploying intranets for internal communications teams, Chris McGrath will take you step by step through his Chatbot Project Plan. All attendees will receive a project template they can use for their own chatbot projects.

Tangowork: Chatbots for Internal Communications

Tangowork is chatbots for internal communications. Send communications where you know your staff will see them: in their messaging app.